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At Go Green Auto Recycling in Vancouver, BC. Our goal is to reduce the amount of contaminants and waste that affect our environment, by recycling Cars & Trucks correctly.

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We pick-up your old junk car for free and most often offer a cash payment. Then we ensure your vehicle is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner, meeting and exceeding all legislated requirements.


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Recyclable Materials

Recyclable Materials

Once your End Of Life Vehicle has been picked up by GreenVehicleDisposal.com and all hazardous fluids and materials have been removed, reusable parts are removed and the remainder is recycled. See below for information on what happens to the various material component parts of vehicles.
Global Legislation

Global Legislation

End Of Life Vehicles have been a consistent problem for years around the world. Although there have been many ‘talks’ on the subject by various countries and their respective governments, not many pro-active measures have been taken.
Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

Producers of vehicles, at a global level, are facing demands from their respective governments to improve on fuel efficiency and emission standards. This has lead to an increased cost associated with the disposal of vehicle waste products such as fluids, tires and hazardous materials. This also leads to decreased revenues generated from scrap metal.


It is estimated that over 2 million tons of material exists that is to be recovered and disposed of by vehicles that were not resold. For example, 1.85 million vehicles a year reach the end of their lives in the United Kingdom. About 80% of this amount is recycled and is composed mainly of metal.


Half of the 20,000 tons of engine oil removed is removed improperly. Having said this, if one liter of engine oil found its way into a water source, one million liters of water will, in effect, be contaminated. Likewise, engine oil poured directly onto the ground can and will affect soil fertility.
Future Obstacles

Future Obstacles

The present rate of ASR being disposed of at landfill sites is unacceptable. All industry stakeholders must harmonize their views and recognize that the current rate of ASR does not present a long-term solution. Rather, it exacerbates the present rate of environmental disintegration.

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We pay the more then our competition for scrap vehicles because we believe in giving you the true value of your old broken down vehicle. We consider every aspect of value and rate the overall condition of each of these components. We then pass the true value of these articles on to you, this is why we can offer you cash for your junk car in Burnaby Cash for cars, New Westminster Cash for cars, Coquitlam Cash for cars, Port Coquitlam Cash for cars, Vancouver Cash for cars Richmond, Langley Cash for cars, Port Moody Cash for cars for any intact scrap vehicle, running or not.

Lower Mainland’s Greenest Scrap Car Removal

When the problems in your old car crop up faster than you can repair them, it may be time to send it out to pasture. If you are like most Vancouverites, however, you have concerns about the final destination of all that scrap metal and how it will impact the local Environment. That is why our team at Go Green Auto Recycling provide fast, clean junk car removal across the entire lower mainland area.

Responsible Removal of Your Junked Clunker

Normally, junk vehicles spend years rusting away in salvage yards, useless to anyone and full of dangerous wastes that can contaminate the local environment. At Go Green Auto Recycling, our goal is to dispose of your vehicle in a way that minimizes damage to the environment. From draining leftover fuel and coolants and removing electrical wiring, to sending off ferrous metals to re-smelting facilities, we make sure that dangerous chemicals are properly disposed of while finding new uses for recyclable materials. Our services extend from conventional cars, vans, and trucks to heavy equipment such as trailers and tractors, ensuring that vehicles of all sizes are correctly recycled. We will also pay more for your vehicle than our competition, appraising the value and condition of your car’s components so that you gain the truest value for your broken-down vehicle.

Call On Us to Remove Your Rustbucket

As a family owned business, we recognize that the final disposal of your car should be handled with the same attention and responsibility you put into maintaining it. Whether you live in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, or any of their neighbouring municipalities, don’t put off contacting us. We are open 24/7, so you can arrange the pick up of your vehicle at a time most convenient to you. Just use our online form or call us at (604) 375-3838.